IPF Board of Directors

VICTOR BEVINE (Acting President)

Co-Founder WFPF, IPF and USA Parkour, Board Member IPTC (International Professional Training Certification), Board Member USA Sports Council, Co-Executive Producer MTV’s ULTIMATE PARKOUR CHALLENGE.

Born in New York of Italian parents, educated at Phillips Exeter Academy and Yale University, Victor Bevine began his professional life first as an actor, when at the age of 16 he was cast in a leading role in the Paramount Pictures film version of the WWII prep school classic, A SEPARATE PEACE. He went on to have a distinguished acting career in NY and Los Angeles, appearing on and off-Broadway, at the New York Shakespeare Festival with Al Pacino and Martin Sheen in JULIUS CAESAR and in numerous hit television shows. Expanding his horizons, Victor began writing and directing (he was the founding Artistic Director of the LA Classical Theatre Lab) and as a result discovered the path that would alter the course of his life forever. Restless and eager to start “giving back”, Victor was recruited to teach a playwriting workshop to underserved teens in Southern California. This turned into a life’s calling as he developed his own arts empowerment curriculum for at-risk youth based on the mythology of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. It was through this work that Victor became acquainted with friend and future business partner, David Thompson. And It was 12 years ago, during a drive home from teaching, after spending several hours working with a particularly tough group of kids, that Victor first heard of parkour on the radio, of the beauty of its unique movement and philosophy of empowerment. Together, he and Thompson brought their vision to their third partner, Francis Lyons, whose overall production deal at MTV made possible MTV’s ULTIMATE PARKOUR CHALLENGE, which effectively launched the WFPF brand, forever linking it to the top athletes and highest aspirations of the sport. Bringing to bear their instinct for mentorship and youth development, the two created a uniquely pro-social business enterprise that empowers young people and grows leaders, often in what some might consider to be the most unlikely places. As the WFPF Mission continues to attract like-minded partners from around the world, Bevine and Thompson remain committed to the parkour philosophy, “Be Strong to be Useful.”

DAVID THOMPSON (Acting Secretary General)

Co-Founder WFPF, IPF and USA Parkour, Board Member IPTC (International Professional Training Certification), Board Member USA Sports Council, Co-Executive Producer MTV’s ULTIMATE PARKOUR CHALLENGE, Board member and volunteer “Second Families” Syrian/Iraqi refugee resettlement organization of Southern California.

Since 2006, David had been involved in the Parkour world when his colleague Victor Bevine called him from New York and asked him if he had heard. Born in Beirut, Lebanon to American and Canadian parents, raised in Morocco, the Middle East, Washington D.C., and Paris, David (aka Da’ud) speaks French like a native. He did his university and graduate work in the fields of International Relations, French, and Communications at the George Washington University, New York University, La Sorbonne, and L’Institut de Sciences Politiques in Paris. David’s cultural fluency, years of living around the world, along with two years spent as the Los Angeles Director/VP of Development and Distribution for a foreign television/film distribution start-up, positions David as a natural liaison for the WFPF to the International Parkour Freerunning community, with its deep roots in the French Moroccan suburbs of Paris where it originated.

David has been creatively involved in television, film, music and photography for the past 25 years, as an actor, producer, director, musician, business owner, and entrepreneur.
As a mentor and teacher, David worked for many non-profits working with youth in the Los Angeles area. He also served as a consultant to RKO’s non- profit “The Story Project” where he developed a gang prevention film program, mentoring at-risk youth in East L.A. for several years. It was working with one of these non-profits that David met his future business partner Victor Bevine, where their diverse backgrounds and mutual desire to help build a better world by helping youth, spawned their present parkour organizations, WFPF, IPF, and USA Parkour. He continues his mentorship work by helping parkour athletes around the world create their own individual paths in the sport.



RYAN DOYLE – United Kingdom

– Actor & Freerunner
– 2X World freerunning Champion Red Bull AOM
– ‘Winner’ Best International Series YOUTUBE
– Red Bull Athlete
– Founding Athlete of WFPF
– Founding Athlete of AIRBORN ACADEMY
– Director of RAD Production
Ryan was born in Liverpool UK, Graduating from Liverpool Hope University in Media TV Production. He excelled in the Korean Martial Art KUK-SOOL-WON, winning his first Gold Medal in 2002. Ryan began integrating action-choreography into his media work, whilst also appearing for many years as a supporting-artist in the UK series Hollyoaks, he stepped into acting whilst at university and trained at Magul theatre school.

While touring the UK with a signed rap band, he won two national events in one day. His action short “SACRIFICE” won ‘Best Film’ at the ScreenTest film festival, as he entered and won the Warford Open Nationals – Extreme Tricks Battle, that same afternoon.

Ryan’s partnered with the World freerunning Parkour federation to produce “MTVs Ultimate Parkour Challenge”, His love to perform took him to many competitions. He defended his tricking title 4X, and became 2X World Freerunning Champion at the Red Bull art of Motion 2007/2011.

Ryan travelled the world as a Red Bull Athlete, on action media projects that push the human body to its limits. He appeared on NatGeo’s Fight Science, the Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon, doubled for Ellen Degeneres and won “Best International Series” at the YouTube Streamy Awards 2013, with the online viral series “Travel Story”

Ryan partnered with members of the Liverpool community to open the UKs biggest Urban Sports facility. Airborn Academy is pioneering the New-Age training gyms that are emerging all over the world.

Ryan was cast as the evil character ‘Finch’ in the “Freerunner” Movie, having added major input to the action choreography of the feature.

More recently, Ryan finished another lead role in the Action-Scifi “Mindgamer’s” (2017) and hosts for the WFPF world championships online -livefeeds in Las Vegas.


Internationally acclaimed parkour/freerunning athlete and founder of Tranquil Movement and “Jump Fest”. With a background in gymnastics, in 2002, Justin tried out for the gymnastics team at the OTC (Olympic Training Center). After acceptance, he was put on the 2012 London training program. With state/regional titles in all-around as well as individual events his future looked bright, but after many years of training he transitioned into diving and in 2007, Justin retired from gymnastics.

During the Spring of 2008 & 2009, Justin competed in springboard diving for his high school, Cheyenne Mtn. In 2009 he took 4th in the state and Diver of the Year Award both consecutive years. He received All-Star status both years and was offered 3 full ride scholarships.

Having dabbled in Parkour prior to high school graduation, he had gained recognition in the community rather quickly. Competing overseas in Hamburg and Berlin, Germany. He managed to take the bronze in the world championships. He became one of only 30 internationally sponsored athletes of the World Freerunning Parkour Federation (WFPF). It was this honor that pushed him to pursue parkour as a career. He declined the scholarships, with hopes that someone who deserved them more would put them to better use. With all of his eggs in one basket he got to work.
Justin formed the parkour collective, Tranquil Movement, opened classes at 2 local gymnastics facilities and began teaching what he knew. He traveled the world competing for the Red Bull Art of Motion. Between 2010 & 2011 he traveled to Austria, Boston, London, Brazil, Detroit and Kuwait to compete, toured in India for a month doing performances for Thumbs Up (a Coca-Cola Company), toured and did workshops all throughout Europe, as well as the US, and appeared on NBC’s Ninja Warrior. Justin also became a WFPF Master Instructor, via USA Parkour. As a WFPF Master Instructor, he runs WFPF instructor certifications training coaches to teach parkour.
The Tranquil Initiation Tradition Jam (T.I.T. Jam) is one of Justin’s most prized accomplishments. Every July, he organizes a week-long fundraising campaign to raise money for Breast Cancer Treatment in honor of his aunt. Teaming up with the National Breast Cancer Foundation, local businesses, government and parkour practitioners from all over the world, they have managed to raise thousands of dollars every year, since 2011.
In 2015-2016 Justin and close friend Max Henry decided to join forces and rebrand as JUMPfest. JUMPfest is America’s largest parkour retreat! A celebration of movement that combines traditional elements of a jam with sit-down classes and TED style lectures by world-class athletes and coaches. The goal of JUMPfest is to provide a platform for discussion and exchange of ideas between practitioners of all levels. It’s also a way for parkour athletes from around the world to share knowledge, tips, and techniques with each other in person.
Since then JUMPfest has hosted 2 events in Colorado Springs, CO, organized panel discussions for the 2017 WFPF JUMP OFF (sister to JUMPfest) Mandalay Bay as well as American Parkour’s Beast Coast 2017. JUMPfest has generated over 18 hours worth of online content focused on education, training programming and goal setting for Parkour Practitioners. Mr. Sheaffer is the Executive Director of the United States Parkour Federation

SAM PARHAM– United Kingdom

Sam Parham has been Freerunning for over 15 years, and gained particular recognition as one of the core members of 3RUN.
Holder of 3 Guinness World Records, Sam has been a key pioneer of Parkour, communicating it to the masses through his videos, which have received millions of views world wide, most notably his Poetry in Motion.
Sam soon began to make a name for himself in the film industry as a qualified stunt performer, for which he was also awarded a Screen Actors Guild Award for his involvement in HBO’s Game Of Thrones series.
His performance skills and experience have seen him go onto choreograph and action design for countless commercials and online features including the smash hit Pepsi – Unbelievable Game with over 4 million views online.
To this day, Sam continues to travel the globe spreading the positive message of Parkour, sharing his knowledge and skills at grass route level. In addition to this, he continues to perform and choreograph shows and sequences adding to his ever impressive resume.


Born and raised in Alexandria, Egypt, I’ve been practicing parkour for almost 10 years, the philosophy behind it’s movement has influenced every aspect of my life and has been a passion of mine ever since, and i wish to help pass on the message of movement to the younger rising generation of traceurs in Egypt.


When you say Parkour and Mexico in the same sentence, you say “Daer Sanchez”. Erick Sánchez AKA Daer Sánchez was born in Mexico City and was a taekwondo practitioner over 10 years and was a national/international champion many times having competed in competitions internationally. He started Parkour/Freerunning in 2005. Parkour gave him the opportunity to travel to different countries to compete. He has competed in United States, England, Vienna, Sao Paulo, Kuwait, and Mexico of course. He has also appeared in many live performances, tv shows, commercials, workshops and films in Mexico and countries like Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala and U.S.A.

His favorite thing about parkour is that it gives him the opportunity to meet people from around the world.


Mr. Mehdi Arash Salmanpour is holding many official Responsibilities and International Positions in different Sports Federations and Confederations around the world.
In 2013 he was elected as the position of Vice President in the Asian Extreme Sports Federation. [Read more] In 2008 he was elected as the United Arab Emirates UAE representative in Federation International Roller Sports FIRS [Read more]He founded the International Professional Training Certification IPTC which has more than 15 years of experience for providing Professional and academic training with valid certificates throughout the globe with having more than 10000 people who have received certificate from IPTC till date. In 2015 He was elected as the president of the Futins International Federation FIF which is head quartered in Brazil. [Read more] AFPU started its career in the path of promoting Parkour & Freerunning in all over Asia and with the aim of developing this sport in Universities/Schools/Kindergartens/Sports Clubs/Sport governing bodies as well as advancing certified coaches and trainers to use academic and professional teaching methods of Freerunning & parkour in every part of the Asia.
As the aim of the AFPU is the academic training of Freerunning & Parkour sports, Asia Freerunning & Parkour Union and International Professional Training certification IPTC have arranged a cooperation to be able to organize professional certification programs for the coaches and referees in all over the Asia and even Internationally. The certification programs are going to be organized by IPTC under direct supervision of AFPU and WFPF.

After several meetings WFPF chose and recognized the name “Asia Freerunning Parkour Union’ AFPU for the Freerunning & Parkour gov erning body in Asia under direct supervision of World Freerunning Parkour Federation WFPF and International Parkour Federation which is the non-profit organization of the WFPF.
It then followed by election of Mr. Mehdi Arash Salmanpour as the Founder and president of the Asia Freerunning & Parkour Union AFPU.

IAN ADAMSON– Australia

Ian Adamson is a career sports professional, starting in governance in 1984 on the University of Sydney Sports Union Management Committee. He was Australian Universities champion in C2 wild water canoeing and part of the organizing committee for the 1988 national championships.

As a professional athletes, Ian became the most successful adventure racer of all time with 7 world championship wins, 18 international adventure race championship titles and Gold, Silver and Bronze medals at the ESPN X-Games. He is a 3 time Guinness world record holder for endurance kayaking (262 miles / 422 km in 24 hours) and has competed at world championships in canoeing (bronze medal in 1992), kayaking and sailing. Ian is also an age group world champion in the Modern Pentathlon events of Biathle and Triathle.

Ian worked for ten years in the implantable medical device industry, including five years as COO at Reflex Medical Products. He has been a guest lecturer in the graduate schools of business at the University of Colorado, Boulder, UC Denver and Denver University since 1998. While a professional athlete Ian worked in the running shoe industry as a design consultant with Salomon and Nike, and later as Director product Development, then Director of Medical & Education at Newton Running Company.

Ian’s television and event production career started in 1999, contracting to International Management Group as a course and technical director for complex international multi-sport races. Since then he has produced and directed dozens of athletic events and television shows world wide. He continues to work in the television industry as producer, host and talent.
Ian has a Masters Degree in Sports Medicine, Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, and four patents for medical devices and running shoes.

President/Founder IFPF

Ali Jowad Kadhim (Ali Lami) is the co-founder of IFPF (Iraq Freerunning Parkour Federation) , and a Parkour trainer (coach). He was born in Iran in 1993 and is fluent in three living languages Arabic, Farsi, English and familiar with Spanish. He moved to Iraq upon high school graduation to pursue his university education and improve his job opportunities.

As a Parkour athlete, he has won many awards including the “Iraq Creative Young People” award in 2015. He graduated from the University of Baghdad majoring in English literature in 2014 and has written novels and poems in English that are praised by his professors.

Moving to Iraq from Iran as a well-trained athlete in Parkour, he established the Iraq Freerunning Parkour Federation (IFPF). His goal was to bring joy and hope to younger generation of children who were suffering from the recent war crisis. He is very proud of this achievement because, because most of people and the government were not familiar with Parkour in Iraq.

With the guidance and support of IPF, Mr Lami established the first dedicated Iraqi Parkour school/gym in 2015 when the government and Youth ministry agreed to give him a vacant gym to use as a training facility. It continues to be a challenge to keep the school open to this day, despite having many students who attend and the support of both IPF and the WFPF. He has had the gym taken away, had it vandalized several times, and it burned down. Mr. Lami rebuilt it every time. Many Iraqi parkour athletes have also sadly lost their lives due to the violence and ongoing war in Iraq.

Mr Lami is also mentoring athletes in other regions of Iraq to open and run their own parkour schools. He has supported athletes in Kirkuk and Erbil in this effort.

President/Founder- FPK-KPF the national governing body for parkour/freerunning in Kosovo, approved by Kosovo’s National Olympic Committee

Berat Mavriçi, born and raised in Pristina, the capital city of Republic of Kosovo. At age 13, due to lack of any other athletic facilities because of Kosovo’s War (1998-1999) he started his early parkour journey training in a local youth facility for tumbling. He self taught and explored until 2009 when he discovered parkour on the internet and realized that was what he was already doing. He has built Kosovo’s parkour infrastructure ever since then. He founded the parkour group ATOM3Run, and continued to cooperate with the NGO – Young Initiative from Brave Hills (YIBH) in Kosovo to supplement his training. In 2011 with the help of YIBH, Mr Mavrici developed camps for youth and introduced parkour to the campers via a big parkour show, which was a huge success. The following year YIBH gave Mr Mavrici half of the camp to create a parkour program for the campers.

In cooperation with Municipality of Pristina and organization “YIBH” he created the first ever large parkour show in Kosovo which had hundreds of parkour athletes participating. Because of the exposure and interest from the show, he was able in 2013, to organize the first official 5 day parkour camp (named The Game of Life). Officials from the Kosovo Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, and Municipality of Pristina, and others all visited the camp.
In 2014, Mr Mavrici took things one step further. Because athletes from Kosovo could not get visas to travel, Mr Mavrici organized an international parkour festival in Kosovo where world renowned parkour athletes from around the world came to compete and participate in Kosovo. They called it the ATOM Challenge and there were participants from 11 countries.
In 2014, Mr Mavrici reached out to IPF to help set up the national governing body for parkour in Kosovo- KPF. Kosova’s Olympic Committee (KOC) accepts Kosovo’s Parkour Federation as an active member on October 13, 2016. At that time, Thomas Bach (President of the IOC) was on a visit to Kosovo and was informed about the Kosovo Parkour Federation and Mr Mavrici and his team did a parkour performance in his honor. The federation continues with performances and seminars from 2015 until present day.

President FPFTajikistan – the national governing body for Parkour/Freerunning and recognized by the Tajikistan National Olympic Committee

I was born on December 9th, 1992, on a train from Dushanbe to Moscow during the time of the civil war. My mother and my uncle were among the lucky ones that managed to escape at the time. Food was scarce, winters were cold so we had to run. My one true support and role model for me in the world was my grandfather. A world champion in freestyle judo, he always encouraged me to be the best I could be. When I was 9, my grandfather died, and his son, my uncle became the head of the family. Rather than support me, he preferred to tell me I wasn’t good enough, strong enough, agile enough to become a wrestler like my grandfather. I tried, and I tried, but to him I was never good enough, and so I lost faith in myself as well. As a kid I used to love superhero movies, especially spider-man, and I started jumping and trying to imitate him. I found out about Parkour after watching DISTRICT B-13, and THE YAMAKASI. Then, in 2005, a good friend of mine came and encouraged me to get to start training parkour with him. I was intrigued and started learning more about it as I began to train with my friend. We discovered other guys who were into parkour but didn’t train and we encouraged them to train with us and help each other to grow and become stronger. Slowly I found my confidence again. After seven years of training, I was a different person and I recognized it was time for me to give back and and to help others find what I found in parkour. So, I decided to organize an official parkour community. I discovered three different parkour groups in Tajikistan, and as I tried to bring them together, they all told me to abandon the idea of a federation and gym in Tajikistan, that there were no resources, and that it would never work. I was so concerned that maybe they were right, and that perhaps they were right, that parkour would never achieve recognition in Tajikistan. But I never gave up however and eventually I found WFPF and IPF who listened and encouraged my dreams. I am especially grateful to Mr.Victor President of IPF and Co-Founder of WFPF who first supported the idea of a federation in Tajikistan. I am proud and honored to have been put in charge of the Tajik federation. In July 2017 I was invited to Bangkok for a WFPF Teacher Certification, and when I mentioned that I didn’t have the the money to go, I was given a scholarship by WFPF. I am so thankful and forever grateful for all of the opportunities that IPF/WFPF gave me at a crucial time, which put me on the right track and may have saved my life.

South America Board Member– To be announced

Africa– To be announced

Asia Board Member– To be announced

India– To be announced

MENA– To be announced

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Oceania– To be announced