About IPF

IPF – International Parkour Federation
In 2014, IPF filed not-for-profit incorporation papers in Indiana (later transferred to New Jersey), and the International Parkour Federation was born.

IPF now stepped into the leadership void and did what needed to be done. Federation By-laws were written and an application was submitted for membership in Sport Accord/GAISF, the first step in formal recognition for a new sport, whilst developing 40 affiliated recognized National Governing Bodies (NGB’s) required for full membership. With a fantastic relationship formed over the years with athletes and teams throughout the world, IPF began the process of education, both for ourselves and for our international partners. It has been a long process, but it has at last begun to show real results and IPF now has RECOGNIZED NGB’s in Kosovo, Tajikistan, Iran and Afghanistan, with all but Tajikistan also recognized by their National Olympic Committees. Another 6 countries are expected to announce in the coming weeks.

IPF also sponsors and sanctions competitive and non-competitive events large and small around the world, including the 2017 3Run EU Competition and the 2016-17 WFPF Jump-Off World Championship in Las Vegas, and the USA Parkour Cup in Washington DC in January 2018 among many others.

Representatives of IPF from the US and UK, were invited to a recent meeting at Sport Accord/GAIFS in Lausanne, Switzerland (June 2017) to review IPF’s pending application with an eye towards approval for GAISF’s newly created “observer” status.

Everyone in the world of sport agrees that the future of parkour looks bright. Parkour practitioners and leaders around the world should feel extremely proud and optimistic about the amazing discipline, movement and philosophy we have together brought forth to the world. IPF remains open to partnership with any and all parkour organizations and federations who share the goal of bringing together the world’s many parkour communities from a place of equality and mutual respect.

IPF- Strive Together!